VRM Leads helps vacation rental managers grow their business by focusing on inventory acquisition. It’s impossible to expand your business without adding new properties. We handle the most tedious task related to inventory growth, and that is the research and cold outreach to property owners. Our agreement is simple, we get you the meeting, you close the deal. 

Property Owner Prospecting

In our first meeting we’ll discuss your ideal client and what your unique selling points are. Once we have a good idea, we’ll begin prospecting for property owners on your behalf. This involves online research and cold outreach pitching your company to prospective clients. 

Meetings Automated

Once we have an interested property owner, we’ll set a meeting with you and the prospect. We use an online calendar syncing tool that allows us to see your availability and book meetings without bothering you. You can choose if you want your first meeting to be a phone call or video conference. 

Pay for Results

We don’t think it’s fair for you to pay for low quality leads that will never convert. Our philosophy is your success is our success. You only pay on completed, qualifying meetings and closed deals. Read more about our pricing structure here

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